Understanding the Symptoms

A runny nose and watery eyes are often touted as the symptoms of an allergic reaction. These are two of the more common symptoms, but there are others. A person could have their skin swell, they could have welts on it, and they may even find their throat closing due to an allergic reaction. Knowing and understanding the symptoms is often how people are diagnosed with allergies instead of some other condition.

One of the most severe allergic reactions is when the throat swells and closes off the body’s ability to take in air. This type of reaction is often seen in people allergic to bees or a severe allergy to a substance such as peanuts. They often have a pen that can be jabbed into their thigh muscle to help alleviate the symptoms. A sudden onset without this medication can cause them to die from lack of air.

Runny noses and watery eyes are two common symptoms that are often associated with pollens, danders, and animal fur. While most people find this to be true, not everyone exhibits the same symptoms. A person with any of these allergies might simply have the linings of their sinus cavities swell. It can cause a severe headache, and they may lose their balance when their Eustachian tubes are crushed by the swelling. Getting diagnosed is important because it may feel like a cold or ear infection, but the symptoms will not be relieved until the proper allergy medication is taken.

There are many different allergens in the world, and people can react to them in different ways. Knowing these facts may help a person choose to seek medical assistance when their home cures for the symptoms do not work. Controlling allergies is important to keep other health issues from arising, and it begins with a correct diagnosis from a medical professional.