Having Extreme Reactions

There are some people in every strata of society who will suddenly find their throat closing up, their breathing being cut off, and their ability to remain lucid is suddenly trickling away because of something they ate or something that touched them. Bee strings are a common irritant that causes extreme reactions in people, and they can be deadly. Not getting help fast enough allows the body’s systems to shut down completely, but a simple injection of epinephrine can reverse it if administered in time. Those with severe enough reactions are often prescribed doses they can carry with them in the event of an emergency.

It can be alarming to watch someone else go through this type of episode, but it is even worse for the person experiencing it. Their body is overreacting to the allergen, and it is going into anaphylactic shock. Their throat muscles are not working correctly, their heart rate is slowing down, and the oxygen they need to live is not being delivered on time. The medication relaxes the muscles so they can breathe, and it helps speed up the beat of their heart to increase blood flowing throughout their body.

Many people hold the belief that just having the shot will be enough, but the person will need further medical assistance. Their body has had a deep shock, and the allergen might still be present. Their symptoms could return, and the extreme reaction could manifest once more if not treated with other medications.

One of the best things about modern life is the availability of medicines that can stop these types of incidents from leading automatically to death, but they are not miracle cures. The person will retain their allergy, and they will have to continue to carry their prescription with them everywhere they go.